Walking Tour of Venice (daily)

Have a walk outdoors (no entries) through the most characteristic and important places for the history of Venice. A qualified and experienced guide will escort you through the millennium of life of the Serenissima Republic, recalling the past full of charm of this unique city. An essential tour for the understanding of Venice!
Route: Piazza San Marco – Origins, history, and descriptions of the main monuments: Basilica San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Bell Tower, Clock Tower, and Procuratie. Santa Maria Formosa: history and anecdotes related to this wonderful and characteristic square. Campo SS. Giovanni e Polo: the “Pantheon” of Venice, the Great School of Charity, and the Captains of fortune. Marco Polo’s House and Malibran Theatre: anecdotes and past and recent history cross each other in this beautiful corner of Venice. Return to San Marco through the Mercerie Street, vital connection between Rialto and San Marco and the main street for the city shopping.

Tour begins approx. at 9:15AM. Duration: 1.5 hours approximately.

The Doge’s Palace (daily)

The Palazzo Ducale represented for centuries the seat of the Venetian political power. In his splendid rooms, plastered and immersed in hundreds of masterpieces of painting, the Duke and his Councis controlled the fate of a thousand-year history republic. You’ll live it together with a Guide that will show you the halls of power, plunging you in a very particular historical context: the European Middle Ages and the immediately following centuries. You’ll be surprised of the rich details of the gold staircase, of the realism of the scenes depicted by many artists who have decorated this building; you will relieve the anguish of the prisoners crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs, and entering the Venetian prisons, famous for hosting Giacomo Casanova. An unforgettable tour not to be missed!

The ticket for the Palace is included in the tour price and will allow you to entry without waiting.

Tour begins approx. at 11 AM. Duration: 1 hour approximately.

The Golden Basilica (daily)

A guided tour in one of the most majestic cathedrals of the world! On this tour, escorted by a Tour Guide prepared in accordance with the Curia of Venice, enjoy a full visit of this masterpiece of byzantine art, unique of its kind in Italy, you’ll have the pleasure to savor beautiful gold mosaics and marble inlays of the floors, sitting comfortable while our guide will show you the represented biblical scenes, the history and the particularities of this ancient basilica. Admire The Pala d’Oro, exquisite example of the byzantine art with its thousands of gems and precious stones; enjoy the view of the Treasury, a splendor of the religious art collected along the centuries. At the end, included, but optional, you can have a trip by private boat to Murano Island, in a glass factory to see and tough one of the Venetian greatest arts. The return to San Marco is included.

Tour begins approximately at 12:00noon. Duration: approx. 1hour at Golden Basilica, trip to Murano approx. 2 hours
The above tours can also be sold together as follows:

Power of Serenissima (Walking Tour of Venice + Dodge’s Palace) – Duration approx. 2.5 hours
Dodge’s Palace and the Magnificent Basilica (Dodge’s Palace + Golden Basilica) – Duration approx. 3.5hours
Absolute Venice (Walking Tour of Venice + Dodge’s Palace + Golden Basilica) – Duration approx. 5 hours
The Splendor of Venice (Walking Tour of Venice + Golden Basilica) – Duration approx. 4 hours

The Unusual Venice (daily)

Outdoors visit with the Tourist Guide of the area between Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge, passing by some special places: Teatro la Fenice, Scala del Bovolo, Rialto Bridge. The tour does NOT include explanation of the Piazza San Marco.

Tour begins at approx. 3PM. Duration: 1.5 hours
Gondola Tour
Embarking on a gondola (up to 6 people per gondola) and 35 minutes ride on the Grand Canal (S. Maria della Salute area) and minor canals (Fenice area) – The tour ends with the landing at the station Vallaresso (Dogana). As there are no explanations, the tour does not include language services.

Tour starts at 4:30PM approximately. Duration: 35min approximately.

Legends and Ghosts of Venice (Saturdays)

Have an evening walk to discover unusual itineraries accompanied by tales of the rich tradition of legends and anecdotes of a city with ancient culture. The route is variable, tended to avoid big concentration of tourists and be immersed in an intimate and quiet atmosphere, helped by the twilight and darkness.  Rialto area, Cannaregio, and Castello.

Tour begins approximately at 8:00PM. Duration: 1.5 hours approximately.

Shadows of Venice (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)

A suggestive itinerary intended to emphasize the most fascinating details of this enchanting city, surrounded by a nocturnal atmosphere. An expert guide with the help of a powerful torch will light up beautiful churches and buildings, will narrate legends and anecdotes, will illustrate the art and the history of Venice. To conclude the evening, you will get a rink in an elegant Venetian house (or typical pub).

Tour begins at 9:30PM approximately. Duration: 2.5hours approximately.

Excursions to the Islands

Excursion to the northern lagoon of Venice by private motor launch to visit the most famous islands: Murano, world known for glass-making, Burano for the hand-made lace, and its colorful houses. Torcello as the first human settlement in the lagoon.

Duration: 4 hours approximately, Multilanguage tour

Gondola serenade

Gondola tour with music along the canals of Venice including the Grand Canal.

Duration: 35 minutes approximately

Gondola serenade and Dinner

Gondola tour with music along the canals of Venice including the Grand Canal followed by a “a la carte” menu in a restaurant nearby (beverages not included).

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